Patriot Pet & Garden Fence Kit
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Patriot Pet and Garden Electric Fence Kit
Patriot electric fence energizers and accessories are built on the foundation of providing you the flexibility to enjoy your lifestyle with a sleek design that matches your need for simplicity, reliability, and performance - all at an outstanding value. Patriot electric fence products are the result of nearly 70 years of experience from one of the world's leading electric fence manufacturers. This is a Patriot pet and garden complete electric fence kit. Great for yards, flower and vegetable gardens, and other similar areas. Safely contains pets and deters small nuisance animals. Everything you need in one handy reusable box. Simple to use, quick set up, and easy to install. Designed to protect your yard and garden from pets and wildlife or to protect pets. Not as hot of a shock as the larger units but is great for protecting your small spaces

Product Features:

  • 110 V Patriot PE2 energizer,
  • 10 x 28.5” posts with 4 preset clips on each post for quick installation,
  • 100ft of green poliwire,
  • ground rod
  • fence connectors,
  • step by step instructions
  • sturdy box to store kit when not in use
  • Item #: 1001161

Patriot Pet & Garden Fence Kit

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